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Metadata Catalogue (MyGDI Explorer)

This application enables users to search relevant geospatial data / information.

Collaborate and Share your Maps (MyGOS)

Platform for user to promote sharing of geospatial information.

Share Your POI (1Malaysia Map)

1Malaysia Map was developed for the use of the public to help user to search place of interest such as shop, petrol station and etc via interactive search in this application.

MyGDI Data Sharing

 MyGDI Policy Sharing

 List Data Available

 How to Apply Data


Search Geographic Name (MyGeoname)

MyGeoName is a database that containts name and locative information about geographical entities located throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. This database appears in a web gazetteer listed in alphabetical order.

Search for Features Codes and Attributes (MS 1759)

MS 1759 is a method of encoding feature and attributes that provides the details and description of geospatial information exchange

Search Codes & Name for Land Administrative (UPI)

Coordination of Code and Name for Land Administrative Boundary, such as State, District, County/Town/City and Section. 


Membantu dan memudahkan agensi pembekal data mengguna pakai standard data geospatial yang telah dibangunkan oleh MaCGDI.

MyGDI Data Services

MyGDI Data services menyediakan satu antaramuka untuk capaian data-data yang boleh dikongsi di antara Agensi Kerajaan dengan Agensi Kerajaan (G2G).

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