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1 Cartometry

[GIS dictionary] Cartometry is a division of cartography concerned with depicting objects with a high level of spatial accuracy. Cartometric maps can be used to measure the perimeter of coasts, areas of countries, volumes, slopes and densities.

2 Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CAD)

[GIS dictionary] CAD is primarily used by engineers and architects for the purpose of producing two and three dimensional drawings.

3 Contour Line

[data structure] A contour line is a constant value for mapping any variable such as elevation and temperature maps. Contour lines are used to map equal values and illustrate topography or relief on a map. They are also known as isopleth or isoline maps.

4 Control point

[coordinate system] Control points are XY locations known to have a high degree of accuracy. They are used to convert digitized coordinates from paper maps and georeferencing to standard map projection coordinates.