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Internet mapping technology is used by many organizations to create spatially enabled Web sites for a variety of needs, including the following.

Integrated Transport Information System  
 National Physical Plan
Landuse information of NPP is indicative and cover the whole Peninsular Malaysia
24-hr Daily Accumulated Rainfall
Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia memaparkan data taburan hujan terkumpul 24 Jam menggunakan imej radar. Kawasan taburan hujan yang dipaparkan ialah seluruh Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak. Imej radar tersebut boleh memaparkan data tersebut mengikut hari.
Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan (KWP) or The Ministry of Federal Territory has moved from property-based GIS to Regional-based applications. Eight applications have been developed to respond to critical regional development issues. Ability to frame the right regional questions and its subsets at the early stage of GIS development could substantially reduce additional programming time
PTG Gombak
The implementation of utilities GIS system of the Department of Land and Mines Selangor started in 1998. Called Darul Ehsan Geographical Information System (DEGIS), it provides a Web-based, workflow-supported GIS using Siemens' Sicad Geomatics technology developed by the state's Department of Land and Mines. Designed for a land management system, Degis incorporates the information management capability of the GIS with the real-time distribution capability of the GIS with the real-time distribution capability of Internet-based workflow technology. It assists decision-making by improving access to information and supporting planners in their daily activities.
Bermula sebagai sebuah projek perintis, pusat sistem maklumat geografi negeri Pulau Pinang (PEGIS) ini ditubuhkan pada tahun 1992 hasil usaha kerjasama antara kerajaan negeri dan Lembaga Jurukur Tanah Semenanjung Malaysia. Matlamat asalnya adalah untuk mendemonstrasikan keupayaan teknologi GIS (Geographic Information System) di dalam pengurusan tanah dan perancangan gunatanah.
Road Map of Malaysia
Hard copy of the Malaysian Road Maps can be obtained from the Kementerian Kerja Raya at a price of RM 30.00 persheet / state (depends on the availability of the paper size i.e A1 - A2).
Interactive Map of General Election 1999-2004
Due to the lack of time and resources, only parliamentary seats in Peninsular Malaysia are shown. The map analysis is divided into 3 categories;
Demographics - information such as total no. of votes and percentage breakdown into various races.
1999 Elections - shows the winning coalition/party for each parliamentary seat in 1999 elections
2004 Elections - shows the winning coalition/party for each parliamentary seat in 2004 elections
WildAsia.net is a home-groen initiative that aims to share the best of nature & travel in Malaysia and around the region. A small team maintains the web site, and all contents has been produced by or own team or with the help of contributors.
Real-time Weather SVG
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is becoming a popular choice for rendering maps. The following example combines SVG and XML that offers enough possibilities to integrate real-time weather data in a seamless way.
Online Data Query - Infobanjir
Maklumat mengenai banjir seluruh kawasan di malaysia termasuk daerah boleh didapati dengan melayari laman web  Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran. Sistem ini memaparkan semua maklumat banjir mengikut negeri yang boleh di pilih di menu utama.
Weekly Rainfall Alarms
Sistem "Weekly Rainfall Alarms" ini boleh didapati di dalam laman web Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran.  Maklumat di dalam sistem ini di kemaskini setiap minggu. Amaran berkenaan hujan akan diberikan melalui sms yang dikenali sebagai "Real-time Rainfall Warning (SMS Alarms)". Sistem ini mencangkupi maklumat seluruh negeri di Malaysia.
Rainfall & Water Level (On-Line Hydrological Data)
Sistem ini dibangunkan oleh Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran untuk mengetahui status "River Level", "Rainfall" dan " Flooded Areas" bagi semua kawasan di Malaysia.
Langkawi Water Quality Data Query
Sistem ini telah dibangunkan oleh Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran supaya pengguna internet mendapat data mengenai Kualiti air di Langkawi. Ianya merangkumi kawasan seperti RUBBERDAM,GUNUNG RAYA dan BUKIT KEMBOJA.
Flood Information Website
On-Line Flood Information

The Online rainfall data displayed through this website are useful indicators of potential flooding or landslides.  The Online river level data at key flood warning stations of DID provide online information on flooded areas and highways . While DID strives to give the public the most updated data, there will be times when data transmission problems will be encountered. Please use the data in this website with discretion.
Flood Mitigation Project
To alleviate the flooding problems in the city area. In the past, the flood problems were addressed by enlarging the current river system. This is to evacuate the inflowing stormwater from out of the area as rapid as possible.
Web-based GIS for Property and Agri-business Divisions, Golden Hope Plantation Berhad
This application provides access to GIS information for Golden Hope Property Division and Golden Hope Agribusiness division that is maintained centrally at Golden Hope Group ICT Division. Golden Hope Group ICT manages the GIS and provides the shared resources across the organization. This centrally managed source of information offers the benefit of ensuring that the whole organization accesses the same accurate and up-to-date data related to Agribusiness and Property divisions. It also integrates information from the different sites into one GIS system.
GIS Database Management and Mobile Application, Department of Environment
By establishing and enterprise solution using Geodatabase and Internet Geographical Information System (GIS) using ArcIMS and ArcSDE will provides the foundation for DOE to distributing high-end geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping services via the Internet to the users The proposed system architecture is supported by a central GIS database namely as Geodatabase, provide a single window to all environmental spatial data located in central geodatabase using ArcGIS and G.Net architecture to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information throughout organization. Mobile GIS addresses the needs of field inspectors and many other DOE field-workers who require timely access to enterprise GIS data in the field.
North South Expressway Interactive Map, PLUS Berhad
PLUS Interactive Map is mainly developed for the public to gain information concerning the expressways, toll rates and numerous other related services. Standard mapping tools, such as zoom, pan, identify, and find are few examples of tools offered on this PLUS Interactive Map web browser. From the application, the user can search for and overlay other data on the map they are using. Few layers of pertinent data produce the complete PLUS Interactive Map. Each layer provides different kind of information. For instance, the Toll Plaza offer details such as SmartTag Lane, Touch & Go Lane, Open Lane, Customer Service Lane and Touch & Go Refill Lane. The Rest and Service Area display pertinent particulars regarding toilet, food court, petrol stations, surau, phone, playground and ATM machines.