MyGDI Benefits

The goal of MyGDI is to enable members of the geospatial community to share and access their geospatial data. MyGDI facilitates online access to geospatial information, avoid duplication of effort in the collection of data and to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, correctness and consistency of data to be used in planning, development and management of land resources.


 Geospatial Initiatives

MyGDI benefits are:


 Avoiding duplication of efforts in the collection and production of geospatial data;

 Providing consistency in the usage of geospatial data through formulation of policies and standards;

 Enhancing the levels of utilization and awareness of geospatial data besides increasing the varieties of value added products;

 Expediting the implementation of electronic government and K-economy.

 Propagating the local geospatial data industry; and

 Strengthening institutional capacity to produce knowledge workers through human resource development programme.