MyGDI is possible only through the participation and support from the Stakeholders. These stakeholders play critical roles in the development, maintenance and availability of GIS data and information, which is the foundation of the MyGDI.


The current stakeholders include government agencies at the various local, state, national levels and they act as both, the user and provider of the geospatial data and services. Through participation from this group of stakeholders MyGDI can facilitate and enhance the existing initiatives fulfilling the requirements from the government agencies as stakeholders.

Apart from government agencies, other stakeholders comprise other communities including private organizations, members of the academia, and the public. These groups are mainly the users of the geospatial data and their participations are important therefore MyGDI initiative can account for their needs thus making MyGDI relevant in their context. This in turn provides returns to the government as the stakeholder in terms of improvements in the service delivery.