Geospatial Data Centre (GDC)

The  importance of geospatial data sharing among government agencies, Geospatial Data Center  (GDC) development initiatives have been established based on the Circular of the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI) Bilangan 1 Tahun 2009, entitled Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of Geospatial Data Center / Geospatial Data Centre (GDC). Through the GDC, the provision and maintenance of geospatial data base will be located centrally within the overall structure (seamless) and comply with the standards set.


GDC developed through a joint initiative of geospatial data providers based on the principle of sharing the public sector and the use of innovative technology. Through this collaboration, systems development and management of geospatial data at various levels of government agencies will be enhanced. It can also reduce duplication of efforts in data collection activities among the agencies involved.


GDC is a major component in the implementation of the framework Malaysian Geospatial  Data Infrastructure (MyGDI). To strengthen the development and implementation of GDC, the initiative stipulating fundamental geospatial data (fundamental feature) taken is to focus on the major features only where the selection of this feature is based on  users need and it is not tied to the classified geospatial information. An important element of development of other geospatial  data is the availability of basic data.


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