Geoinformation for Natural Resources and Environment (G4NRE)

(User must be a staff member of NRE and access is only through the NRE network)


Geoinformation for Natural Resources and Environment (G4NRE) is an application exclusively developed to address the needs of top government executives in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Top government officers can extract information in G4NRE to assist them in policy making, development planning, monitoring, besides reinforcing the use of geo-information technology. This application will enable the nation to preserve her natural resources and environment in a sustainable way. 


The spatial data within the application are displayed in accord with the ministry six (6) core areas, i.e. Land, Mineral, Water, Biodiversity, Forestry and the Environment. Application can be accessed at link here


Every registration must be verified by the system administrator to determine the level of data that can be accessed in accord with the user role and function in a section / department.  Three (3) user roles in G4NRE are identified as system administrator, liaison officer and user. Users will be notified through their email once their registration has been accepted.


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