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It is responsible for coordinating and enhancing geospatial services and information involving all federal, state and local government agencies. It is designed to implement and promote the MyGDI program for all public sectors that manage, operate and use geospatial information according to their terms of reference.
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Human Capital

Allocation of financial and human resources to support the implementation of the MyGDI Program.

Geospatial Information Services

Provides geospatial data service sharing platform and system development support to stakeholders.


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Geospatial Informations

Develop geospatial datasets in 12 categories in accordance with established standards and quality.


Ensure that the geospatial information used for sharing complies with applicable standards to support the MyGDI Program.

Accessibility Mechanism

Ensuring access to geospatial information services is always available and secured with integrity.

Policies/ Legal

Policies, Circulars and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) developed as a guide for the implementation of the MyGDI Program.

Research and Development

Carry out research on GIS geospatial data development, technology, applications and GIS software.