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MyGeoTranslator application stands for Malaysia Geospatial Translator to enable users to perform geospatial data processing online, such as data format conversion, coordinate system transformation, data structure conversion according to MS1759 structure - Geographic Information / Geomatics - Features and Attribute Codes and etc.

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About MyGeotranslator

The MyGeoTranslator application is an initiative by PGN to assist and facilitate data provider agencies using the geospatial data standards developed by MaCGDI through the MyGDI Standard Technical Committee (JTSM) in collaboration with the Department of Standard Malaysia (DSM) and the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia ( SIRIM) to facilitate data sharing through the MyGDI program.


The development of this application is one of the Government's initiatives to further enhance integrated and data-driven digital services through optimal sharing and used of geospatial information and technologies in line with the ICT Strategic Plan (ISP) 2019 - 2020.


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MyGeotranslator Benefits

Assist and facilitates data provider’s agency to apply the latest geospatial data / information standards.

Assist agencies to facilitate and accelerate the processing of spatial data in terms of data format conversion, coordinate systems, MS1759 compliances, use of standard symbols and more.

To ensure that the geospatial data shared by the Data Provider Agency (APD) is always up-to-date according to the standards.

Reduce the government spending by using MyGeoTranslator to help and facilitate agencies adopting the latest geospatial data standards for data sharing between government agencies either physical data or web services.

Support sustainable geospatial data infrastructure for disaster management, development planning, tourism promotion, law enforcement and others.


  • Upload File - This sub module allows users to upload data into the application for processing.
  • Semakan Data - This sub module allows the app to review user data to ensure that it meets the data specifications set for each sub module after the user has completed data uploading process.
  • Format Data - This sub module allows users to convert one data format to another.
  • Transform Coordinates - This sub module allows users to make multiple system coordinate conversions, datum transformations and projections.
  • Unique Parcel Identifier - This sub module allows applications to match related attributes to generate new FT UPI Code structures and QT UPI codes into existing attributes.
  • MS1759 - This sub module allows users to perform the process of transforming non-conforming spatial data structures MS1759 into MS1759 structures.
  • Malaysia Metadata Standard (MMS) - This sub module allows users to create metadata for data available to user agencies.
  • Standard Symbol -This sub module allows users to download a standard lists of symbols and colours that have been co-ordinated with the agency.
  • Spatial Data View - This module allow users to overlay processed data into a variety of basemap options.

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