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UPI is a unique method of identifying land parcels (lot) derived from a combination of finely grounded parcels of state, district, province, section and lot number. The UPI application can display spatial and textual information for finely tuned landscapes and landmarks.

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About UPI

The app was developed in 2008 and is being upgraded in 2016 to enable all government agencies to adopt code standards and domain names.


The use of a standard UPI ensures that data sharing between agencies is successfully implemented.


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UPI Benefits

Facilitate the implementation and integration of application systems within and between agencies;

Facilitate the sharing of geospatial information;

Assisting agencies in the application system development and;

Provides guidance on implementing uniform documentation across agencies.


  • Search for Code Structure and Landscape Boundary Names easily and the results are displayed in textual and spatial form;
  • Basemap elections;
  • Download Code Structure Document and Land Administration Boundary Name for 16 states in pdf format;
  • Download Code Structure and Landscape Boundary Name in excel format;
  • Print the map code results and land administration boundary name.

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