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MyGeo Explorer is an online metadata catalogue which enables user to search, view, verify, share and manage geospatial metadata.

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About MyGeo Explorer

MyGeo Explorer is a medium/platform to share geospatial information that connects the data provider with the users via the internet. This application contains metadata records describing the contents of materials and information on how to access the materials.


User will be able to get information such as data, application, map services, documents, research findings, geospatial activities and services from the metadata records in MyGeo Explorer. Metadata records published in MyGeo Explorer by the data provider allows users to explore much needed geospatial data.


This application enables users to find the GIS resources, view its description and make assessment on the metadata records based on their search. The amount of metadata records available in this application as in July 2019 is 5,509 metadata;


The objectives of developing this application are as follows;



To provide a search engine to find geospatial data that is accessible online.

To encourage sharing geospatial information among data providers therefore ensuring the distributed data are accurate and up to date.

As a medium/platform between data providers and users to share geospatial information.

To encourage and promote any initiative in regards of geospatial by various parties in Malaysia such as government agencies, Institute of Higher Education, private sectors, NGO or individual.

To encourage a better integration and avoid duplication of effort in collecting, processing, maintaining, creating and distributing geospatial information among respective agencies.

MyGeo Explorer Benefits

To increase the level of government agency service delivery.

To create a standard geospatial metadata catalogue in Malaysia.

To simplify sharing of geospatial information.

To simplify searching and evaluate geospatial information.

To increase the level of awareness and value of geospatial information.


  • Search - the concept of searching information using keywords and filters by content types, data category and date.
  • Browse  - listing of metadata records by content type and ISO topic category.
  • Publish Content - enable users to register, create, upload and publish metadata by using MyGDI metadata template or dataset or services.
  • Metadata Detail – display of metadata content in detail.
  • Preview - display of spatial information from url public map service that has been included in the metadata information.
  • Offline MyGDI Metadata Editor (METAFOR) - allows the creation of metadata being done offline.
  • MyGDIX Viewer – catalog for searching and viewing metadata using map services
  • Manage Metadata – allow updating, downloading, deleting, review and verifying metadata created by registered user.
  • Report – generate statistic reports by state, category, date of publish, map services and content type.



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