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MyGeoMap is an application that provides places of interest geospatially to the general public.

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About MyGeoMap

MyGeoMap is an application that provides places of interest geospatially to the general public. The main functions of the application include the function of crowdsource information, disaster reporting and navigation functions. Access via mobile applications is also a new feature of this app that makes it easy for users to access and use the app at any time.


In the context of information sharing, this application is a catalyst for strategic collaboration between various Government and Private Agencies in sharing information, thus making it an authentic and reliable information sharing platform. To date, 17 Agencies have collaborated through information sharing that has been categorized in 13 data categories namely Health Services, Institutions, Education, Communities, Commercials, Disaster Management, Recreation and Tourism, Transportation Services, Poultry, Road Networks, Land Use and Administrative Borders. Collaboration with other agencies is carried out from time to time based on the need and relevance of the information to be displayed in the Application.


MyGeoMap Benefits

Broaden the geospatial technology to the public and encourage their involvement through crowdsource.

Become a one stop centre for searching of various Government information and locations.

Provide facilities and opportunities for Government agencies to share information using geospatial technology

Establish collaboration with various Government agencies on geospatial information sharing


  • Crowdsource - Through the crowdsource function, registered users can add flood reporting and clinic information around their locations. This additional information will be verified by the Data Validation Agency and will be displayed on the main display of the application;
  • Search - Location search is based on a variety of search criteria;
  • Data List - The choice of various categories of data for display;
  • Basemap – A wide selection of base maps for display;
  • Directions - Guided routes from one location to another;
  • Feedback - Through the Feedback function, registered users can send any complaints, inquiries and suggestions to the app administrator. Action will be taken within 14 days;
  • Mobile Application – Enable users to easily access applications and add crowdsource information at anytime and anywhere.

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