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The MS1759 application is a search engine for Geographic Information / Geometric Information - MS 1759: 2015 Details and Attributes Code. Users can search using categories and keywords. The search results will display the Details Code, Details Name, Details Description, Attribute Code and Attribute Name.

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About MS1759

Application Development Information

The MS1759 application was developed in 2009 referencing the MS1759: 2004 standard application and then upgraded in 2016 using searches referencing the MS1759: 2015 standard application.



GIS Application Developers and Data Users;

Application Usage

Users can refer to code details and attributes;

MS1759 Benefits


The MS1759 application serves as other sources of references for the geospatial data developed in compliance with Malaysian standards.


Data sharing among government agencies will grow exponentially.


Search using keywords under Categories, Sub Categories, Features or Attributes;

Bilingual use;

Display Picture Details;

MS1759 Information.