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The MyGeoName application is the only web application that display lists of places in Malaysia along with other unique elements such as displaying location maps, state history informations, names spelling in ‘jawi’ and audio pronunciation of places names. The spelling of places names in this application is a spelling that has been agreed and approved by representatives of the state government through the National Geographic Names Committee (JKNG).

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About MyGeoName

Application Development Information

Developed since 2009 and upgraded in 2016 by enhancing application's interface display with new database design.



Target User

Public Users

Application Usage

For public users to check the correct spelling, pronunciation and location of places names. In addition to domestic users, MyGeoName is also used by international user to understand the geographical naming methods, languages, pronunciation, dialects etc. practised in Malaysia.

MyGeoName Benefits

The advent of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 wave is expected to upgrade most small towns and cities into Mega Cities to accommodate the growing population and infrastructure needs. Therefore with this Application, the names of existing sites can be preserved in their history and aesthetic value through a description of their environment so it will not vanish in the modern flow.


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MyGeoName Features

Places Name Search Module

Jawi Spelling Module

Audio Module Pronunciation of Places Names in Official Malay and Local Dialects

Visual Video Module

Gazetteer Module Place Names